Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pictures from our month

Timothy, feeling just a bit satiated by supper... 

Isn't he amazing? It's a rare night that he's not washing dishes for me... 

Me 'n' my littlest one

Laughing at each other

Peter loves to make Timothy laugh... And Timothy obliges him most readily. :-D

We had the pleasure of watching a fox hunting out our window for about an hour last week. 

I was delighted to actually catch him pouncing! 

Tracks showing he'd walked right across our yard


  1. These pictures are SO precious 'Chel!
    I love the one where Timothy and you are laughing at each other! Peter is such a wonderful older brother as well!
    I'm sure Daniel and Jared would want to try and sneak up on the fox if we had one near our house! lol :P
    Love you lots!!

  2. Somehow I missed these posts - what a neat thing to see that fox hunting his dinner. They are so pretty! Graeme just skinned one and is working on tanning it for his wall. :)