Monday, May 14, 2012

Our first canoe trip!

Ever since our purchase of a canoe back in March, Peter has been excitedly anticipating our first venture out. Finally, after a few false hopes, the day was here!

Lunch all packed, we headed out (a little later than we had planned), driving the 45min to Burnstick Lake. 

Along the way we stopped to give directions to a poor, confused man from BC, and while Josh was helping him, I got some amazing pictures of this Great Gray Owl! 

 He was so big, it was an incredible experience to get up close and get these pics...

The lovely part of canoeing in May was that no-one else was on the lake. Josh unloaded our sleek addition, and the boys excitedly tumbled out of the van. 

 I just had to get a pic of Markus in his cute little overalls. I LOVE overalls on little boys - bought these for Timothy when he was 4mon old!!

 And, we're in!! Timothy was a little stiff in his movements, and had a hard time bending over with the life jacket - which involved some tipping, as you see here. :-D
 Both were quite tickled to be paddling. Timothy eventually lost his paddle, and Peter quickly felt adapt enough at paddling to begin instructing Timothy...
 Both boys had their dragons to fight in order to enjoy the trip. Peter's was fear and worry of tipping, and Timothy's was sitting still. They both did an excellent job of conquering said dragons, and it was a most enjoyable 2 1/2 hrs!!
Nesting Terns

I got some amazing loon pictures - it was so fun to be out on the water with them!

Love the way the two ducks on the outside have their wings down, and the middle duck is straight!

At one point I heard squeals from Peter, and turned to see that Timothy had unwittingly captured him with his paddle!

Mmmm, food! We enjoyed amazing Gouda cheese made fresh by my Mom from their Jersey!

"Ummm, what is THIS green stuff doing in my sandwich? Gross!"

 The trip was a blast, and afterward we did a bit of backroading with our trusty Toyota... Peter had a few moments of "Daddy, are we going to tip over?", while Timothy zonked out within 30 sec of leaving the lake.
And this, ladies and gents, is why I need a knife!! Pussywillows! :-D
It was a wonderful day, and we look forward to many more such memories!!