Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Joys of having 3yr old!

I knew I would love having a 3yr old, but I didn't realize how MUCH I would enjoy it! 

Don't get me wrong, I love the baby stage, where they snuggle, coo, smile, and are completely dependent. 
I love the birth-to-one-year stage where they change SO much every month. 
I love the 1+ stage where they are taking wobbly steps all over the house, becoming little people with very distinct personalities, and so demonstrative in their affection. 
I love the 18mon-2 yr stage where they are trying out so many new things, becoming even more of their own person, trying to talk and communicate, exploring, discovering, and delighting in the world around them. 

But there is something extra special about that time (different for every child, but seems to be pretty much for sure by that 3rd year) when you suddenly realize it's been quite a while since you couldn't understand what was said. 
When suddenly all you've been trying to teach this basically unresponsive child comes spilling back out at you and you start hearing what all is going on in that little head. 

When they suddenly see themselves as little adults, laugh with the adults (which is usually REALLY funny), copy everything you do with grave seriousness, and carry on semi-stimulating discussions. 

This morning has given me a couple of smiles along this line, and I thought I'd share them with you.

Me: "Peter, please don't wipe your hands on your pants."
Peter: "I not!" 
(this is a regularly used phrase, said with surprise and a slight bit of affront at the suggestion)
Me: "Well, where are you wiping them them?"
Peter (in a matter of fact 'duh' voice): "I wipe them on my chair!"

Peter just came up to me a few minutes ago, "Mommy, we forgot da Bible time!" Me, "You're right, we did! (ok, so I was procrastinating, not forgetting), should we do it now?" Peter, "Yes!" 

(so, I'll be back in a bit... ;-))

Peter, speaking to my middle: "Baby! It's Mommy's birfday today! Mommy's getting bigger!" 

"Mommy, are you turning Free (3)?" (This question has been repeated many times in the past two weeks, as he tries to understand how he turned 3 on his birthday, but I'm turning 29 on my birthday...)

"Mommy, are you getting bigger?" "Yes, I am" "Mommy, is the baby getting bigger too?" Perceptive child. :-P
"Mommy, I love God. And Timothy loves God too." 

"Mommy, did God make the trains?"

"Mommy, I want God. And Timothy wants God too. And Mommy wants God too." 

"Mommy, is Jesus alive again? Is God alive?" 

"Mommy, does Jesus drink water?" 

"Mommy, I love you!" 

Yup, I'm enjoying this little man of mine, and loving the fact that he's talking so much! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Timothy's 1st Birthday

Birthdays growing up were, as a general rule, family affairs, a tradition that I am wanting to carry on with my children. 

My goal for each birthday is to make the birthday person feel special, to put more of an emphasis on spending special time with that person rather than on a big shebang (not that I have anything against parties! :-)). 

Timothy's birthday was extra special because Aunty Chavonne was able to celebrate with us! 

Presents! He figured out pretty quickly what to do with the wrapping, and how to get the gift out of there...
My polite little man saying "please" for more cake! 
Big brother completely approves of dessert! 

We decided, in the name of less sugar consumption, to do cupcakes instead of a big cake... Timothy LOVES the barn cat, Misty, so I did a few of the cupcakes as kitty faces. 

Well, this post is waaaaay overdue, but I did want to put something here to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my precious sunshine! :-D

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Peter-boy

Peter has been becoming such a little man lately, and amazing me with all that he is doing and saying as an almost 3 year old. So, I thought it'd be fun to do a little post on some of the things I've been enjoying about this little man. 

Just this week Peter has started getting himself dressed and remembering to put his diaper in the garbage and clothes in the laundry without being reminded! I know this is a personality trait that goes along with his extreme thoroughness in putting away toys (he'll find toys I missed!), and his need for details, but I'm loving seeing the responsibility he's developing! 

This afternoon we were having a slight altercation regarding wearing shoes or sandals. He wanted socks and shoes, and I said, "no, it's too hot for shoes and socks, wear your sandals." So, he started putting his sandals on, but couldn't help remarking, "'skito's goin'a bite my toes" :-D

And then, this afternoon I gave him shorts to wear, and he thought they were pants. I suggested he put them on and see, so he did. When he realized they were shorts he laughed and said, "They shorts, silly boy!" 

One of the things that makes me smile daily is to hear him belting out one of the songs on his favorite "Sir Bernard and the 12 Chivalric Virtues" CD. I'll have to post a video of that one of these days... 

All in all, my Peter is a very special little man who is growing up so quickly, and I am LOVING each day with my boys! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Joys

This summer has had many 'at home' joy-filled days and moments. Josh wasn't very busy with work until this past month, which, while having some stressful aspects, meant he was around a lot more than he has been in previous summers. Which was most delightful. :-D

Canada Day we received the sad news that my Grammie had passed away after a long battle with cancer. It was, and still is, very hard to lose her, but I am also glad her battle with pain and questions is over. 
Because of that I wasn't feeling up to going to the Trochu events as previously planned. However, after spending most of the day out in my garden, thanks to the sensitivity of my sweetheart, I was ready to do something else, and we headed into Olds for their festivities. 

Here Josh is introducing both sons to the delights of cotton candy: 

'See this son? If you want to see your mother jump through hoops, just wave this stuff around...'

Free popcorn... nothing like free food to make an event exciting...

Going "fishing" 

Isn't this the greatest picture? My intense-but-happy-go-lucky son.

Friends of ours -three of the Wiens girls - were out doing face painting and balloon animals. Peter got an elephant, and was very pleased with it. 

Peter also quite enjoyed the balls. The funniest part, though, was when he saw all the balls outside, and started cleaning them up (see below). When other little kids started throwing them out again and he was beginning to show signs of the first stages of stress, I intervened and we moved on to new and greener pastures.

They also had a huge blow up slide - big enough I wasn't sure he'd actually want to go down it, but he asked to, so I told him to go for it. Peter didn't bat an eye - climbed all the way up, slid down, and asked to go again. 

Josh has been playing a lot of 'football' and 'soccer' with the boys this summer - both of them love the ball aspect to both games. :-D

Peter loves any type of bug - thankfully I do as well, so we have great fun making discoveries together. 

Cool dude

What is a summer without a picnic? We've had a couple this year - in our yard, and a couple km away at Kraft Pond. This one was in our yard. 

Reuben sandwiches, watermelon, carrots, home-made lemonade, and Kettle chips - oh yeah!

"Oh that bluuuuue Alberta sky..." 

Gotta love the faces this kid can make... 

And then, we got sick. And my poor boys were more languid than I've ever seen them... 

Of course, even sickness has its perks, like falling asleep together on the couch

One of the exciting parts of this summer was purchasing a dollar store Popsicle tray and finding a recipe for HEALTHY and DELICIOUS Popsicles!! :-D Yogurt, strawberries... you can find the recipe here...

I ran out of popsicle holes and used my baby food freezer containers - they worked great too! Just cut up some straws and taped them together on the one end, and voila!! :-) 

And, yup!, they were deeelicious as well! 

Josh and Peter tackled our highly overgrown lilac bushes. They were in serious need of some pruning, and I was VERY impressed with the amazing job Josh did! :-D 
Peter was less than impressed to discover that his toy saw did not cut the branches. He ended up ditching it for the pruning shears... 

And, of course, what is a summer without a few hikes? Peter regularly asks to go 'hiking', and is always ecstatic when we do. 

Me 'n' my baby 

Peter obligingly sitting in the field of pretty flowers so I can snap a picture

One of my favorite flowers - the Wild Rose

On a few of the back roads we let Peter stand in the back and watch out the window (we were going around 20km/hr) - he was pretty tickled about that!

We hit a dragonfly going pretty slow, so Josh got out to see how far gone it was. It seemed to be ok, but it wouldn't fly, so Josh put it in a yogurt container for Peter to inspect. 

He spent most of the trip home reaching in to touch it and then pulling back with a great laugh/giggle and this look on his face. :-D

Another enjoyable part of this summer was having two of Josh's brother's visit for a couple of days. Peter really enjoyed playing with them! :-) 

Isn't he a doll?? 

Feeding the chickens one morning I pulled back the bag of chicken feed, and a colony ants had built a nest complete with eggs under there! It was pretty fascinating, and Peter and I enjoyed watching them for a bit before returning the bag to its place. 

One of Timothy's favorite things to do is watch the chickens... 

I love this grin on his face! "Hi mommy!" 

Peter recently decided that while driving he and Timothy should hold hands. It is most cute to see, although I do have to remind Peter that when Timothy doesn't want to hold hands, that's ok too.. :-) 

And, what is summer without some water fun? Timothy has a propensity to tip into this bucket of water head first, so I make sure I'm always close when he's near it... 

He has the greatest faces, this kid... 

Pics of our glorious sky

And, finally, first harvest. Food for the body, and food for the soul....