Saturday, April 30, 2011

Peter & Timothy

I took this series of photos last week of the boys 'wrestling'. It amazes me how much roughhousing Timothy enjoys - not simply tolerating, but actually laughing! 

"Oh no, Is that pillow coming at ME?"

"Hmm, which should consume my attention - Mommy taking pictures, or what I'm playing with Timothy?"

Love his belly laugh!

Friday, April 29, 2011


In this past month we've enjoyed a lot of different excitement. It has been very busy, and I'm looking forward to a quieter May, but it has also been a lot of fun. Since it's been a while since I've posted some pictures, I thought I'd do a pictoral overview of some of our adventures. 
Peter is such a daddy's boy! He loves copying anything and everything Josh does. Whenever Josh grabs a toothpick, Peter has to have one too... :-D

Not sure what the plan was here, but Peter sat for a good 15-20min waiting for the truck to take him away

We had fun doing our 'annual surprise' of Josh's family. The weather was pretty bad the weekend we went up, but it'd been way too long since we'd seen everyone, so we decided last minute to continue on from a course in Calgary and drive out to Kelowna. 

Isn't he the cutest thing? :-D I love his wholeheartedness

It is so much fun to see Peter big enough to really interact with his aunts and uncles

I sure love this smiley little peanut! He's such a cuddler, which melts my heart... :-) 

The following weekend Josh had a course in Calgary. It was a two day course, and he was going to drive there and back both days, but we decided last minute to make it an adventure, rent a hotel room, and have some family time together. March was a pretty crazy month work-wise, so we've been trying to take every opportunity we can to be together. 

I took the boys to the Aero Space Museum on Saturday. Peter LOVES airplanes, so I figured it would thrill him, and be educational as well. Better yet, Grandma and Papa Ardron were on their way through Calgary, celebrating their 50th anniversary, and met us there. Peter so enjoyed inspecting all the planes. :-) 

This was pretty neat. Typically you are not permitted in this helicopter, but the man that donated it was there and put Peter right in the cockpit! 

The hotel wasn't quite what we were hoping (that's what happens when you book last minute and don't take the time to discuss expectations :-P), but it was still fun. I brought all the food we needed for the weekend to minimize expenses, and we had fun making nachos that night. 

Peter so enjoyed the porch. For our country boy, the C-train was completely thrilling, as were all the interesting people and vehicles walking and driving by. 

We also swimming- Peter is still talking about going in the 'waher'

It means so much to me to see the relationship these two have. Peter can get frustrated periodically with Timothy, but settles down right away when I explain that Timothy doesn't understand. Both boys look for the other as soon as they get up from a nap, and can make each other laugh/grin like no-one else. :-D

Peter enjoying the airplane he got from the Museum

I forgot the playpen, but thankfully it only took 45 min for them both to flake out, and they slept really well too! 

Hope each of you has had an opportunity this month to make some special memories. :-)