Thursday, March 22, 2012

My little men

Thought I'd share a few pictures of my three little men. :-) 

One of the things that is a high priority to me in raising these boys is that they share a close relationship.  It has been the subject of a lot of prayer, as my goals in this area are such that I think most would consider me rather idealistic. 
Perhaps, but I figure it's always best to aim high than to take sibling rivalry and fighting for granted. 
That being said, I love capturing moments of love and closeness between my boys!

Isn't he precious?

Trying to get a picture with all of them smiling at the camera was a bit on the tricky side, but I got some that make me laugh - like this one... 

 "Can I touch him?" 

And here we have Timothy bonking his head in the background, Peter smiling nicely for the camera, and Markus staring off into the distance...

Isn't he amazing? Holding his head up at 1 week... :-) 
 Here we go! Finally a pretty decent picture of my three guys!

Auntie Anita did haircuts while she was here - making Peter and Timothy look very sharp...

"Did you say something to me??"

Love, love, love watching Timothy snuggling with or hugging his little brother... or Peter giving him kisses...

 Yup, not only do I have the cutest baby in the world, I also have the cutest 3yr old and 18mon old... :-D

  I can't believe how smiley this little guy is!!

 Yes, my children know how to use their imaginations... Those sticks are anything from hockey sticks to violins to guitars!!
Maybe, just maybe, I am finally getting my thumb sucker!!!
 Peter is currently in the 'funny face' stage of picture taking...
Love these pics!!

 Aren't baby feet just the sweetest things!

 I think my cloth diapers are the cutest things ever on Markus, so I had to document that fact...

 And, I captured his first roll over!! Pretty sure it had more to do with the way he was propped up on his hands than anything.
 That's my baby! Strong neck muscles right from day one!!

 Here we are at two weeks with his adoring fans...

Love these boys to pieces, and am so grateful for the way Peter and Timothy have wholeheartedly welcomed Markus into our family. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So, what do you do when you THINK you've been obeying the doctor's orders, doing absolutely NOTHING, and get told by your doctor that you're overdoing it? 

This, as a side note, has been my primary issue with having a cesarean. Supposedly, I'm not supposed to do much for the next 6wks. If I'm still sane at that point, I'll let you know. :-P  

Anyway, back to my question - what DO you do? 

You play Mousetrap with two little boys, one who has been begging to pull out the game since Christmas, and another who thinks all those bright pieces look VERY exciting. 

That's what we did yesterday afternoon. We didn't actually play the game, but we built the whole mousetrap, then the boys took turns turning the crank to start the process ending with the 'mice' getting trapped. It was a great cause/effect learning experience, and thrilled my precious Peter to no end. 
Timothy was most delighted with it all as well, although I had an easier time getting pictures of complete concentration than the huge grin that was also part of his face most of the time. :-D