Friday, February 18, 2011


I just HAD to share this most delightful discovery with whoever-reads-my-blog! Josh and I have been on the lookout for a special sip-as-you-work/talk/sit/play drink. Something finer than juice, less commonplace than hot chocolate, healthier than pop... Something I can make with ingredients I have on hand.

Something... exquisite.

And, ladies and gents, I have discovered it! A simple recipe for eggnog that is truly delicious, uses ingredients we have on hand (including eggs which are fresh from our chickens!), and is that 'something special'.


2 egg yolks
2 cups milk
1/6 c sugar
Rum flavoring
2 egg whites, beaten stiff

Beat the first 5 ingredients in a blender while beating the egg whites separately. Pour over the egg whites, stir gently, and pour into a glass.

And, remembering my sis-in-love (Breanne)'s injunction to 'make it beautiful', I sprinkled a dash of nutmeg over top.

Isn't that delightful??! :-D

Oh, look at that! Pictures of the two cutest children ever. Imagine that... ;-)


  1. Mmm,homemade eggnog is always one of Mom's traditional Christmas treats so I don't think of it beyond the holidays but I love that you discovered it. And that you have a source of eggs. =)
    We love lattes, vanilla steamers, tea, coffee with Baileys....or just coffee with a shot of syrup. =)
    We like to stock up on sparkling juice when they go on sale too.

    And those boys are so CUTE!!

  2. Those look SOOO good, 'Chel!!
    And the two boys are SO big now! Especially 'lil Timothy! WOW!
    love you guy's <3
    ~auntie Chavonne

  3. @Breanne, ooh, yes, sparkling juice is one of our favorites as well!

    @Chavonne, I know, isn't he?! :-) Love you too!