Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ON trip part 3 :-)

The last two days of our trip were spent mostly at the water, and fishing. Uncle Jeff is an incredible fisherman, and he loves teaching people to fish. So, I think he was in his element. ;-) He fried up the fish for supper Monday night, and they were exquisite! 

Peter, having warmed up a bit more to the water and running in and out of the waves

We realized we were all wearing a similar coloured shirt so HAD to take a picture

Us girls and Andrea

Byron's fish! 

All of us ladies... and Peter & Justin...

Peter was as fascinated with the fish as he is with dead chickens and gophers. Sometimes I worry about that boy... 

Josiah and Byron fishing together

Whoo hoo, Kyle's fish! 

Uncle Jeff instructing me in the art of fishing

And, I caught a fish! Actually, I caught somewhere between 6-10 fish... way too much fun

I love snapshots of conversations... 

Grandma building castles with her grandboys and great grandson

That's a great face, Joshua.. 

"Cool shades..." 

Keep going 'Siah! Poor guy took a while to catch his first fish, but it was all worth it when he caught the biggest one of all of us! 

Kathryn's first fish!!

"Run, Justin, I'm going to get you..." 

Mexican for supper... an Ardron tradition... 

Starving guys hanging out in the kitchen and goofing off

Making a pyramid - they tried standing up, and decided to move that outside... 

The three little boys making a pyramid

And the final work of art... 

It was so special to spend time with Uncle Jeff and Aunty Lisa and family. Ever since I spent a month with them at age 12, they've held a special place in my heart, especially this guy here. It was pretty wonderful to introduce them to my sons. Timothy definitely enjoyed visiting with Uncle Jeff. :-D 

Well, that's a pictoral highlight anyway. There were many late night conversations, games, shopping trips, and goofiness not recorded, but I think my post is big enough... ;-) 

I am so very grateful for the blessing of family and strong family relationships. This trip was a reminder of just how special those ties are, and what an incredible heritage I have. I pray I never forget just how blessed I am by my family! 

ON trip part 2

After the wedding, our trip consisted largely of eating, laughing, visiting, swimming, and fishing. With a few other things thrown in there. ;-) 

Oh, yeah, warning, there are a LOT of pictures in this post. Oh, and there are a few near the end that are, well, *cough, cough* probably PG. Hey, if they're goin' pose for me... LOL

So enjoyed the water and the beach! 
(as a side note, I have horrible posture, something I'm working on, and something that makes me gag every time a see a pic like this...sigh)

We also enjoyed some little rafting boats - such a blast! 

My purty mama

Peter was a bit nervous about the water. The boat fascinated him and scared him at the same time. So, when Josh offered to take him in, he was excited, and then panicked. So Josh headed out with Justin, and Peter had a meltdown. When they came back, Peter wanted to go in the boat, then panicked. Josh picked Peter up and brought him into the boat despite his shrieks, and as soon as he was sitting in the boat, he was happy. :-P 

Of course, having been in the boat once, he thought it now belonged to him

A little boy's dream

Kirsten sunning

Dad is not fond of the water, so he enjoyed watching us and reading on the beach

Crashed on the grass above the beach

Sunday night we had a celebration for Grandma & Papa's 50th, and also celebrated Josh & Aunty Lisa's birthdays (which both happened to fall on the wedding date). 

Aunty Lisa LOVES snakes (much to my mother's horror), and Peter was most fascinated as well. 

Uncle Jeff's dad, Uncle Jeff, and Dad

Aunty time

Someone told Byron of a game where you take three full and three empty pop bottles in a stack, and then swap them. He tried, but I don't think he was successful... 

Timothy with Grandma Joan (Uncle Jeff's mom)

These three siblings are hilarious when you get them together. 

The entire Ardron family together

For the record, what they were laughing about is NOT appropriate for public consumption, even if it WAS a 50th anniversary celebration... Some people's parents... :=P 

Peter was thrilled with Ian's motorbike, and even more enthusiastic when Ian let him sit on it. 

"Now, now, Aunty Lisa, let's not be tooooo smug..." 


We were introduced to a new game called Holey Board - lots of fun, but it is NOT my forte

So blessed by the example of marriage these two are for us! 

Now who could he be texting? I wonder.... (oh, in case you can't guess, her name is Rebecca, and they're getting married Sept 3...)

Father and son

Touching, I know :-P 

Ian and his fiance Courtney

I think Uncle Mike was trying to be a monkey... He is always the life of the party and so much fun! 

Here he's petting...something... 

This would be his iguana face which he kindly repeated for my camera under much duress... ;-)  

Uncle Jeff & Aunty Lisa

I love Grandma's expression here...  

Opening gifts

This night was by far the craziest. It was late, we were all tired, and, we were all together. 

These three, actually, all four, were an absolute hoot. We got some great video footage, which unfortunately, is on Keegan's camera... 

Poor Cameron, it's hard being the youngest... 

Byron was, I kid you not, P.I.G.G.I.N.G. out on the cake

Obviously, they thought it was pretty funny. I love the way these ladies in my life are so full of joy, vim, and vigor. :-D

Friends and cousins

Ok, so, you had to be there. Uncle Mike was doing a running commentary on the cake not being dead yet, Byron was trying to figure out if the pudding in the middle of the cake would stop the bullet, and Kyle was more than happy to oblige and shoot the airsoft. 

The general consensus was that wearing pudding would be a good idea if you were being shot by an air soft gun. 

"Oooh, look at the hole it made"

Then, I was begging pudding off Aunty Lisa, since I couldn't eat the cake... She very graciously offered some to me... 

But Uncle Mike tried to persuade her to cream it in my face

"Hey, you didn't let me cream her face!" 

"No, I'm feeding her nicely" 

We don't have record of the dastardly event, but Uncle Mike took it upon himself to cream me himself. 

So, I, well, threw cream back at him

And got a very Uncle Mikeish look. Then we called a truce. :-D

My gentle giant and handsome brother, Keegan

"Don't take pictures of us"

Ok, these are the PG rated pictures (Kilmo, close your eyes). It was quarter to 1, ok? 

Cameron's still working on the whole posing thing... or maybe he's too modest to show off his muscles... 

Byron is DEFINITELY too modest to show off HIS muscles, ha, ha, this is so going on the wedding slideshow... 

I went down to check on Peter and he was half off the bed and sound asleep... I don't have pics of it, but Kirsten and I stayed up until after 2 talking - I so do love that girl! :-) 

Painting my toenails to match my outfit (had to sneak a foot picture in SOMEHOW)

...to be continued...