Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Life is good right now. 
Happiness is coming very easily at this precise moment. 
Trying to ascertain the cause of my happiness, I rediscovered a fascinating truth. 

Happiness is intensified by the loss and restoration of something previously taken for granted. Which means, that, the greatest heights of happiness are only attainable through sorrow, difficulty, or pain. 

For example, I have been reveling in the joys of... 

Health after sickness

A happy baby (with adorable little teeth) after days of a cranky, teething baby

A husband home from work early enough that we can share supper together, just us, for the first time since last Monday

Glorious, radiant sunshine after days of overcast, snowy horizons

Shirtsleeve weather after months of freezing in my own house

Reading the gas meter and discovering that due to warmer weather, we've used 8 less gigajoules of gas than we did last month

Sleeping a solid 7-8hrs after months of broken sleep

Geese honking after months of winter silence

All these things are filling me up and giving me a great big happy moment, and none of them would be half so enjoyable, or even, perhaps, noticed, if it hadn't been for something difficult/sad/painful. 

Pretty cool, eh? :-D