Friday, November 2, 2012


Sometimes I need to take a few moments and regain perspective. 
It is easy to get caught up in the craziness of the moment and forget what I am really doing. 

To forget that... 

When we are washing dishes, my little men and I, with water all over the counter top, dishes getting washed multiple times, dry dishes being 'rinsed', and the job taking twice as long, that I am not just cleaning my kitchen. 

I am building relationships with my sons. I am letting them know by my actions that I want them with me, that I value their help, and I love their presence. 
I am raising boys. Boys who will someday do the dishes while I am then able to teach and fulfill the other responsibilities that come with having older children. 
I am raising men. Men who will know how to help in the kitchen, and men to whom chores and responsibility will be a normal part of life.

When I am up for the umpteenth time with a little boy who is screaming and isn't even awake, but is crying out in terror, that I am not just losing sleep. 

I am comforting my son. Teaching him how to love and comfort others by my example. 
I am building trust, making it easier for him to someday trust and know God as his Comforter, because he has had a visible demonstration of that in me. 

When I get angry with my firstborn, say things I shouldn't, and have to go back and tell him I was wrong, ask for forgiveness, that I am not simply messing up again. 

I am teaching my sons about life. That sin is a part of all of our lives, and that there is forgiveness. That Mommy sins too, and has to ask forgiveness. That by ourselves, none of us can do right. That there is help in Christ, that He only can change us. 
To ask forgiveness when he does wrong. 

When there are a million calls to "look at this, Mommy!", that I am not wasting time to look at something I've seen a dozen times. 

I am building a healthy sense of community and family in my sons. I am giving them a sense that what they do matters to someone, and giving them a desire to keep creating, to keep dreaming. That I am interested in what they do and who they are. I am laying the foundation for their teen and adult years, a foundation of sympathy and interest with their interests and desires. I am building a foundation for late night conversations, for a desire for my opinion and perspective in the years when I can no longer give it unasked.

When there are dirty dishes, laundry, and phones calls to make, but books have been read, real life lessons taught, creations admired, and babies snuggled, that I haven't wasted my day. 

I have been a mother. I have completed my highest priorities for my day. There will be other days when the boys are playing happily and I get my kitchen clean. When my sister comes over and the boys play while we work on laundry, chat, and pray. When the house is still, and I can complete what needs to be done for the business. But for today, I have done what I should. 

When there are six business calls by 9am, multiple voice messages to return, bookkeeping to be done, urgent phone calls for numbers and information at inopportune times, and my husband is working late, and I just want to throw it all away and go do something grand, that I am not just helping run a stupid business. 

We are in the foundational stages of a dream. A dream that changes in detail, but gives purpose to the busyness of today. 
We are fulfilling a need in this town, in our society, for good plumbers. For plumbers who are honest and respectful, who do good work and are willing to take the little jobs most people don't consider 'worth it', because they need to be done.
By running this business, we are not only able to prepare financially for the direction God is leading us, but also to contribute to the dreams of others. It has been said it takes 60 'lay people' to support 1 missionary. Sometimes being one of those 60 isn't very exciting. But it is important. 

Sometimes, I need to take a few moments and remember that I will never again be (almost) 30, with a 4yr old, a 2yr old, a 7mon old, a 28yr old husband, and our own business.

What can I do with today, that I will not be able to do tomorrow? 

What can I do today, to prepare for tomorrow? 

Cherish each moment!