Saturday, February 26, 2011

Evening together

I forgot this part of our Family Day events... We watched a Truth Project with Peter, and enjoyed popcorn with peppermint hot chocolate.  
Popcorn is truly one of life's little pleasures. 

Of course, true hot chocolate must be made with milk, and milk must be warmed on the stove to have that complete Hot Chocolate Experience. 

Have you ever had peppermint hot chocolate? I would highly suggest you try if you haven't already! I add a touch of peppermint flavouring to the drink, and then pop on a small candy cane for effect. Most delicious! 

Peter, enjoying his treat and fascinated by the rare opportunity to 'watch a movie' (I know, we're depriving our child if he gets excited about watching a 'teaching movie' :-P)

And, of course, this one is my favorite. I so love these two men of mine, and I especially love watching the close relationship they enjoy! :-) 

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