Saturday, November 12, 2011

Timothy's 1st Birthday

Birthdays growing up were, as a general rule, family affairs, a tradition that I am wanting to carry on with my children. 

My goal for each birthday is to make the birthday person feel special, to put more of an emphasis on spending special time with that person rather than on a big shebang (not that I have anything against parties! :-)). 

Timothy's birthday was extra special because Aunty Chavonne was able to celebrate with us! 

Presents! He figured out pretty quickly what to do with the wrapping, and how to get the gift out of there...
My polite little man saying "please" for more cake! 
Big brother completely approves of dessert! 

We decided, in the name of less sugar consumption, to do cupcakes instead of a big cake... Timothy LOVES the barn cat, Misty, so I did a few of the cupcakes as kitty faces. 

Well, this post is waaaaay overdue, but I did want to put something here to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my precious sunshine! :-D

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  1. hahaha, seeing these pictures reminded me of his chest pounding! hahaha
    So precious! :D