Monday, August 8, 2011

My Peter-boy

Peter has been becoming such a little man lately, and amazing me with all that he is doing and saying as an almost 3 year old. So, I thought it'd be fun to do a little post on some of the things I've been enjoying about this little man. 

Just this week Peter has started getting himself dressed and remembering to put his diaper in the garbage and clothes in the laundry without being reminded! I know this is a personality trait that goes along with his extreme thoroughness in putting away toys (he'll find toys I missed!), and his need for details, but I'm loving seeing the responsibility he's developing! 

This afternoon we were having a slight altercation regarding wearing shoes or sandals. He wanted socks and shoes, and I said, "no, it's too hot for shoes and socks, wear your sandals." So, he started putting his sandals on, but couldn't help remarking, "'skito's goin'a bite my toes" :-D

And then, this afternoon I gave him shorts to wear, and he thought they were pants. I suggested he put them on and see, so he did. When he realized they were shorts he laughed and said, "They shorts, silly boy!" 

One of the things that makes me smile daily is to hear him belting out one of the songs on his favorite "Sir Bernard and the 12 Chivalric Virtues" CD. I'll have to post a video of that one of these days... 

All in all, my Peter is a very special little man who is growing up so quickly, and I am LOVING each day with my boys! 

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