Monday, July 4, 2011

Rory & Heather's Wedding

We had the very enjoyable opportunity to fly out to ON for my cousin's wedding and a bit of family time. 

This was Peter's first flight since he was 5mon old, and he was VERY excited. He asked me probably 10 times the day before "Fly airplane yet?", and when I said, "No, tomorrow, after you have one more sleep," he would say, "Ooooh, TOMORROW." 

Tomorrow finally came, and he tumbled out of bed much more quickly and cheerfully than he usually does. :-D
We left our house by 6:30am in order to arrive at the airport shortly after 8:00am. Once we checked in and went through security, Peter was MOST excited to be able to watch our airplane from the window. 

Timothy was just happy to be held. 

I was amazed and impressed by how well they both did on the flight. Both napped for about 1 1/2hrs, played, and Peter spent a good deal of time gawking out the window. 

Once landed, Josh took a cab to get our rental car while I stayed with the boys at the airport. 

And, of course, all our luggage - I used to be so proud of how few bags I would bring on a trip, but no more... Such is life with two little children and a husband who likes having lots of extra room in his suitcase. :-P 

Peter flipped out when Daddy left to get the car (ok, we're in a strange place, and now Daddy is gone), but my emergency bags of choc chips, raisins, and nuts saved the day. 

Thursday night we drove out to visit friends in Kalamazoo. We met at a park where Peter played his heart out, and we enjoyed a delicious supper. Back at their place, we put the little boys to bed, then enjoyed dessert and a great visit. 

As Josh said, he knew we were in trouble when we were debating at 10:00pm whether to have dessert now or later... :-D I think we were all in bed by 3:30am or thereabouts... :-P  Gotta make the most of these opportunities, right? 

The next morning both boys greatly enjoyed playing with this Mini Bumble Ball, and it was pretty funny to watch them (the ball shakes so hard Timothy's whole body shook with it). 

And, of course, BUBBLES! :-D

We drove back to Leamington, ON in time for the rehearsal dinner at 5:30pm, which was delicious, but, unfortunately, I have no pics of that to prove it. 

That night, I was SO ridiculously tired, I wasn't even sane - as this picture demonstrates. So, after getting all set up for a game, I ended up making the wise decision to just go to bed (must be nearing 30 or something). 

The coke float probably didn't help - here are our helpful floaters

The next morning I got some great shots of Peter and Benji. I'm already having visions of a double wedding in their future... :-P 

Benji was most generous this morning, and even let Timothy play with his blanket ("Chelle, he likes it - it makes him laugh!")

Some of us didn't have children, and were making the most of the opportunity to sleep in... 

While others were hard at work making breakie...

Little bit o' snuggle time with Grandma

And then it was time to head out for the wedding!! Keegan did some video-taping, and I got a great "Keegan-shot" of his amazing grin. 

The cute couple

My sweet cousin - Andrea - one girl with three brothers, and she's such a sweetheart! :-) 

Flower girl - niece of the bride 

Heather Prindler soon-to-be Cocks with her Dad

Bridesmaids - Heather is the second in a family of 12 children, and the first three (the maid of honor isn't in this pic) bridesmaids were sisters...

The happy couple signing their registry

My truly adorable son - isn't he just the cutest thing ever?? 

Ariana took some pictures for us... 

Aren't uncles just wonderful? I think so... especially when they're ALSO incredible brothers. ;-) 

I love my Aunty Lisa (middle, facing me). :-D This, to me, is an embodiment of who the ladies in my maternal line are - joyful woman who are full of life!

Grandma (or GG as Peter calls her) sporting her fashionable wrist wrap as a result of trying to pirouette on scaffolding in order to paint her room if I understand it correctly...  

Adorableness #2 fast asleep

Here's a pic of the new Cocks family - L-R - 
Gregory, Andrea, Ian, Heather, Rory, Aunty Lisa, Uncle Jeff

I love this picture... 

And this one... This is Heather's family... 

My gorgeous cousin

And Heather's WHOLE family! Heather's mom was one of 9, and most of the kids had large families as well. I find it so encouraging to see second-generation big families, where the love for kids and willingness to sacrifice was passed on so well. 

Us again with our whole family - don't you love Josh's shirt & tie? Don't ask how long it took for us to agree on a shirt/tie for him for the wedding... :-P And, I love that my sons are matching... Sorry boys... :-D

Oops, how did THAT get in there?? :-P 

Isn't this the best picture of Timothy? Not sure what his beef was... 

Josh and I were crazy enough to get up and sing "Snuggle Puppy" to get the couple to kiss... Ok, so we didn't really care whether they kissed or not, it just seemed like a good thing to do... :-P 

Yup, he's the ham of the group 

Pretty centerpieces - the reception was held at an Italian Restaurant and was very nicely done. 

Josiah and Timothy recreating Michelangelo's masterpiece... 

And that, was the end of our evening. There was dancing afterward, but we went home to put our very tired little men to bed. 

I have lots more pics from the rest of week, but thought I'd do these in pieces... :-D


  1. super pics! The boys are SO big. Can't believe how much they've grown... very nice pics. And I see now what you meant by the shirt...very nice indeed. ;)

  2. LOVED it!! Looks like a lovely wedding, the colors look wonderful and I love Heather's dress. Sigh...

    And some of those pictures, well, since you're the oldest sister, you can get away with them. =P

    And yes, your boys are adorable. I love that they were matching. =) My poor children...=p

    We had an equally late night with J&R,it's just so hard to go to bed when the conversation is so good. =)

  3. Thanks ladies! :-)

    Which pics are you referring to B? *innocent look* Certainly not the one of all my brother's sleeping... :-P You should have seen the one of Byron I didn't post... LOL