Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ON trip part 3 :-)

The last two days of our trip were spent mostly at the water, and fishing. Uncle Jeff is an incredible fisherman, and he loves teaching people to fish. So, I think he was in his element. ;-) He fried up the fish for supper Monday night, and they were exquisite! 

Peter, having warmed up a bit more to the water and running in and out of the waves

We realized we were all wearing a similar coloured shirt so HAD to take a picture

Us girls and Andrea

Byron's fish! 

All of us ladies... and Peter & Justin...

Peter was as fascinated with the fish as he is with dead chickens and gophers. Sometimes I worry about that boy... 

Josiah and Byron fishing together

Whoo hoo, Kyle's fish! 

Uncle Jeff instructing me in the art of fishing

And, I caught a fish! Actually, I caught somewhere between 6-10 fish... way too much fun

I love snapshots of conversations... 

Grandma building castles with her grandboys and great grandson

That's a great face, Joshua.. 

"Cool shades..." 

Keep going 'Siah! Poor guy took a while to catch his first fish, but it was all worth it when he caught the biggest one of all of us! 

Kathryn's first fish!!

"Run, Justin, I'm going to get you..." 

Mexican for supper... an Ardron tradition... 

Starving guys hanging out in the kitchen and goofing off

Making a pyramid - they tried standing up, and decided to move that outside... 

The three little boys making a pyramid

And the final work of art... 

It was so special to spend time with Uncle Jeff and Aunty Lisa and family. Ever since I spent a month with them at age 12, they've held a special place in my heart, especially this guy here. It was pretty wonderful to introduce them to my sons. Timothy definitely enjoyed visiting with Uncle Jeff. :-D 

Well, that's a pictoral highlight anyway. There were many late night conversations, games, shopping trips, and goofiness not recorded, but I think my post is big enough... ;-) 

I am so very grateful for the blessing of family and strong family relationships. This trip was a reminder of just how special those ties are, and what an incredible heritage I have. I pray I never forget just how blessed I am by my family! 

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