Thursday, November 18, 2010

28 years

This past Monday I celebrated the end of 28 years and the beginning of my 29th. I love birthdays, and I'm not even sure why. Partly because I love celebrations, partly because I'm a 'quality time' person so having a day where everyone calls/texts/e-mails and we do things together as a family is special... This day was no exception.

We started out with David & Jordan and their two little boys spending the previous night and joining us for breakfast. Josh typically makes me crepes for breakfast, but since there was a group of us and I had requested bacon & cornmeal waffles this morning, I decided to just make 'em myself. Josh was a darling and took care of the outdoor chores for my while I was putting breakfast together.

At that point, we had no real plans for the day. However, once they had left, Josh suggested I come with him on a little service job he had, and then his ideas for the day blossomed from there.

We went into Olds, Josh did his job, and I did the shoebox shopping. I love shoebox shopping - it is such a blast! Peter thought he should be getting some of the toys as well...

Lunch was a pita from Extreme Pita and 3 delicious California Rolls from Edo's - mmmm!

By the time we left Olds, it was 1:30, so our original plan of exploring the Telus World of Science was exchanged for visiting Fort Calgary. It was here that I took a bunch of pictures - enjoy!

Doesn't he make a cute RCMP officer?

Lincoln logs - one of those delights from my childhood that I rediscovered on this lovely day.

Escaping from jail...

On second thought, it's easier to just charm the warden....

Peter would have stayed on this horse all afternoon if we'd stayed around.

Ahh, good old Coca Cola!

Watching a clip of Calgary way back when

Like my sweet ride? ;-)

We saw a black squirrel on the way back to the van! It ran into it's nest (below) and I really wanted to climb the tree and check out the nest, but Josh vetoed the idea...

From there we drove to Airdrie to enjoy supper at a favorite East Indian Restaurant, only to find them closed on Mondays. So, my amazing husband drove back into Calgary (which he hates) just to find me another East Indian Restaurant! It was very delicious, and I so enjoyed my day with my men! :-)


  1. Happy Birthday Rachelle dear! I'm glad you had a special day.

  2. I just sorta "found" your blog on my Mom's, and have been enjoying looking at all the pictures. Baby Timothy is SO cute...and Peter is getting very big. :-)