Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Ramblings on priorities

So, with the busyness of life right now, I've been thinking a lot about the importance of prioritizing. Not the way we typically discuss it - i.e. am I spending enough time with my children as opposed to cleaning (although that has been a separate thought pattern) - but what is the best way to approach all the tasks I have to do.Unfortunately, there isn't enough time in a day to get everything done that I want to get done, and yet there are still things I HAVE to get done. Additionally, there are a whole list of things that are equally important, how do I decide which one comes first?

I have made a fascinating discovery. How I prioritize my day makes a huge difference in how I feel by the end of it. For example, the other day I had a pile of laundry and a pile of dishes to do. Both equally needed to be done. However, the pile of laundry had been there for more than a day, and the dishes would be done at supper time (even if it did take a bit longer). So, I chose the pile of laundry, and by the end of the night felt so much better about my day than I would have if I had just done the dishes...

Then, of course, there are time-dependent tasks (e.g. supper related tasks, invoices to be made up and mailed). I find my mind constantly reviewing my mental 'to-do' list and re-arranging in order to try and use my time the most wisely.

What is the point of all this? It seems simplistic, but I h
ave been amazed at the difference this simple act of prioritizing has made in how I feel about the day, what I am able to accomplish. I have been increasingly grateful for a mother who taught me to make lists, to do what is most important and not worry about the rest, and to enjoy each day to the fullest of my ability.

Of course, there is the other aspect of prioritizing to co
nsider, that of NOT 'accomplishing' and simply 'being' a wife and mother for my family. I am actually finding it easier to take time with Peter now that I have Timothy, crazy as that sounds. Probably because I can do two things at once (nurse Tim and read to Peter), but I am really working at 'seizing the moment':

pausing in my pickling to hold Peter and exclaim over the 'main' (plane) flying overhead

taking a bit of extra time with supper to include him in the stirring

letting him put away the silverware and pausing to delight with him over each properly placed utensil

sitting down and reading a book togethe
r in the middle of the day

taking him out with me to feed the chickens and seeing them through his eyes

'guarding' him from the steer who has suddenly become a fearsome foe

dancing around the kitchen to a catchy tune

snuggling with a blanket (always a blanket)

I find I am better at taking those moments with Timothy too, stopping the busyness to look into his eyes and smile, make him smile, gurgle, and coo. Perhaps each child helps you realize more acutely just how precious these fleeting days of babydom and childhood are, and take the time to enjoy them more. I hope so.

Along those lines, I often wonder, what is the balance between including Peter in everything I do, so we're not doing a whole lot of playing, but we are learning together, being together, delighting in life together, and taking time during the day to stop the tasks of the day and just play together? Any thoughts?
Yup, these are the moments that make my day... :-D

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