Saturday, October 30, 2010

Living the dream...

The jury's still out on whether or not I am keeping this blog name, but I figured while I have it I might as well explain where it came from.

I read an article once talking about how as little girls, so many of us dream and play at becoming 'mommies', but once we're actually living that dream, see it more as drudgery than dream. I love that reminder that I am truly 'living my dream' as I raise these little boys, as I create a home for my family, as I cook, clean, and change diapers. So, I thought it was a fitting blog name as I chronicle the ins and outs of my life, 'living the dream'.

Which brings me to another thought. It has been a while since I posted (via xanga), and a large part of that is impetus lost due to a realization that my posts were being seen by some as reflecting a 'perfect' life, perhaps hypocritically so. That is the last thing I want to portray through my posts. Yes, I have days when I am down, times when I am grumpy/worried/upset/etc. However, those are rarely portrayed in my posts for a few reasons.
One, when something is truly bothering me, I tend to keep it very close to my chest. I discuss it with Josh, sometimes Mom, until it isn't painful anymore. Once it is at that point, I will often share it with everyone and anyone, but by that time I can share it laughingly and in a way that doesn't communicate at all that it was once very painful, completely unintentionally.
Second, if it involves something that Josh & I are working through, an area where someone else has hurt me, I feel very strongly that those things are not to be shared publicly.
Finally, for those daily irritants, things that go wrong for all of us in the normal ins and outs of a day, I almost always have two little voices discussing it in my head. One is reacting negatively, and one is finding the whole thing highly amusing. Since I put a lot of effort into trying to keep the amused voice as my outer response (no, it doesn't happen all the time, by any means), I am not going to post the miserable side of it anyway. I've tried, and I just can't. :-P

So, there you go. That, if you will, is my disclaimer as I start a fresh blog. Yes, I experience frustrations and difficulties throughout my days, but I want to reflect on each day positively, so will be using this blog to do just that - reflect on all the ways that I am truly, "Living my dream." :-)

And, in honor of that, here are some pictures capturing a few of those moments.

Peter enjoying his favorite task - putting away the silverware

"Come on, I KNOW there's a thumb there SOMEWHERE!!"

Such a smiley little man he's becoming!

Enjoying a few minutes in the jumper - perhaps a little young, but he enjoys it for about 15min a day...

Loving books already... that's my boys!

Isn't he simply adorable??

My men... I love each one of them so much, but I love the biggest one the bestest...

He has a great fascination with the red wall/black ivy/white wall combination, and spends a fair bit of time beaming at it...

Ahem. This was Peter's addition to our supper the other night - about 1/2cup flour. He's been quite into helping me cook these last few days, usually when I'm not around...

Smelling the flowers Josh brought me...

Reading already... so advanced, I know. ;-)

This picture, and the two following are all of Peter copying Josh. He is such a little copy cat right now! :-)

Josh had been warming his hands on the distiller, hence Peter's actions.

And, of course, if Daddy has a toothpick, I need one too! (This, and the following pictures were taken tonight)

Helping Daddy out

The rag had been on Timothy... I put it on him to keep him warm, but Peter decided he needed to lie down and put the rag on himself. :-)
And, after getting in his pjs tonight, his first time in pjs with a zipper, he undid them, and was trying to get them back on. Josh called me over to watch him covertly, and I had to grab the camera.

When he finally noticed us he said, "Uh ohh!"

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