Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring, spring, beautiful spring...

Now, let me start this off right now by concurring that in Kelowna, they have had spring for a long time. I know that. I'm not talking about that. :-P I'm happy for you all, and a month ago I was envious, but now, I am happy because Spring has Come! 

And, it is spring as I know it - the delightful sprigs of 'springness' stealing over the rolling hills. Spring has always meant the same thing to me, every year, and unless I discover all three items, I don't feel that spring is really here. 

Spring is... 

Baby calves kicking up their heels behind their benign bovine mothers

Picking the first pussywillow sprigs and replacing the sprigs I've kept from last year

Discovering the delicate purples of wild crocuses out in a field somewhere

This year was extra special, as for the first time in my life I was able to find those wild crocuses in my backyard! I have been hoping to find some this spring, and went on one foray with Peter a couple weeks ago and saw no sign of life. 
A couple days ago Peter, Timothy and I randomly decided to go on another adventure. We went down the hill, crossed a little stream, got excited about the hawks circling above us, went up the other side of the hill, climbed through a barbed wire fence (definitely easier with brother than with a baby & toddler), then started back. The whole time I was looking for crocuses, and not finding any sign of them. 
As we started back, I prayed "Lord, I don't know if there are any crocuses here, but if there are, could you let me find them?" And, to my absolute delight, just as we got to the top of the hill, there they were!!! Two small clumps of beautiful crocuses! It was very special...

A few days later I spotted pussywillows in the ditch, and pulled over to go pick a couple sprigs. Returning to the vehicle I announced to Peter, "Peter, we had discovered crocuses, we have seen baby calves, and now, we have picked our pussywillows. Spring is really here!" Obviously remembering my previous exclamations about the melting snow and puddles of water he chimed in, "And water, Mummy! And water!" :-D  

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  1. Awwww, so cute! It looks like Peter and Timothy will be (and are) great friends. I love Timothy's smile. :-)